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Distances from the current Ebola outbreak to Tanzania versus Europe make it a smaller chance of having an outbreak here. Tanzanian government institutions with international assistance are on top of the situation, they have heightened their alertness and preparedness, and as a safari and tour operator we rest assured that all good measures have been made.

As many of our partners and suppliers, Paka Adventures will be adjusting our cancellation policy for our guests, existing bookings and coming bookings should there be coming a EBOLA outbreak in Tanzania mainland and in the Zanzibar Archipelago (as defined by WHO*).

  1. Paka Adventures Ltd. will allow cancellation up till 48 hours before arrival / Check in at our property Lighthouse Beach Lodge. This is valid for all our products and services.
  2. This will be applicable to all existing and future bookings.
  3. Paka Adventures Ltd. will as far as it is possible to use sub contractors and suppliers giving same or similar policies.

Furthermore we expect all of our guests as always to have comprehensive travel insurance. We will as always in addition insure all our safari and Kilimanjaro travelers with AMREF – The Flying Doctors medical evacuation scheme, which provide a rapid by air/road evacuation to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania or Nairobi, Kenya.


Any losses after a cancellation as stated above will be handled in this matter;

  1. Guests present their travel insurance the claim first and Paka Adventures Ltd. will help provide all documentation. Paka Adventures Ltd. will refund the difference between safari cost and insurance claim payment less the international transfer costs if any.
  2. Should the Ebola Virus reach our region guests will have the option to move the safari to a future period without financial penalty to agent or traveler (Until 31/12 - 2016 – not guaranteeing for changes in governmental and/or third party fees – as of our normal cancellation policy). You can be assured of our usual and increased flexibility where possible to make things work for those that do wish to travel.
  3. This policy will not be valid for travellers without travel insurance.

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