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The Lighthouse Beach Resort offers you and your family peace and recreation. We can arrange several activities to you and your fellow travelers busy. To "light up" your day, we offer exciting and cultural activities, spanning from romantic beach lunches to cultural walks in the area.
"The hunt for fresh honey!"
Crouched down and without lights, in the dark evening, you can sit in the middle bush and feel the tension in your body. The only things that can be seen are  the four branches that lay on the ground, burning a little, and the small flare made of palm leaves that the watchman bring further and further into the buzzing hole. Tension is rising in steps, with the intensity of the buzz.
"The hunt for...!"
With a two-meter-long spear in hand, four dogs and a local hunter; you are ready to enter into the dense bush. Dogs chasing the scent, and while the excited hunters trying to keep up, the high screams from the little unpredictable animal sounds towards you.



"Looking for cold blooded friends!"
After a joint training of how to use of a stick and panga (machete), you all head to the bush. The experienced watchman at the front explains some of his broken English as you approach the cliffs where the reptiles are sleepy in the warm sun.



"The local nut production!"
The children sit and look into the small fire. Waiting for the fresh oil in the nuts, in the small dish in the center would begin to catch proper fire. When the flames really get up, they take out the burning pieces and threw sand over the coal-black nuts to cool them. Then they began the big job of taking off the outer shell, the size of two thumbs, and peel them out of the thin membrane that protects the nut inside. So it's your turn. Once they are burned, they’re peeled by hand! The nuts we so often complain about the price of…


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