For Your Loved One(s)

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Walking hand in hand on the beach at sunrise, sitting in the dugout canoe-sofa at the sunset deck, or enjoying a romantic candle-light lobster meal - The Lighthouse Beach Resort for sure offers many romantic chances!
"Romantic beach lunch!"
After a pleasant walk across the white sandy beach, you will arrive to the pre-designated lunch spot. On a mat you find the exotic lunch with the sea's temptations and fresh garden fruits. Freezing champagne will be opened and served before you are abandoned. All by yourself you can enjoy the next few hours just in each other's company.
"Birthday celebration with your loved one!"
Many regular guests come to The Lighthouse Beach Resort to celebrate. Maybe you should book The Beach House, have a romantic and refreshing candle lit bath in the corner bathtub, before enjoying a private seafood dinner in the garden, lit by kerosene lamps in the trees aboveā€¦ and of course, end with the birthday cake.


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